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Water Management

Impulse Water is committed to designing and implementing turnkey solutions for clean drinking water and sanitation facilities through Africa’s Water Vision 2025 principles and international best practices.

Mining Hydrogeology

Impulse Water offers a wide range of mining related hydrogeological services and products for application in any mining environment.

Groundwater Resource Development

Impulse Water is able to assist in all aspects of the development of a groundwater resources for water supply from exploration to equipping and management of water distribution.

Who We Are

Impulse Water was founded based on the Africa Water Vision 2025 principles and visions, aiming to make a positive impact on 1 000 000 lives by 2020. We are already on our way to achieving this goal through our corporate social investment water supply projects that have been completed in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Our main focus at Impulse Water is to improve Africa’s quality of life through the provision and management of clean, safe drinking water and to minimize the impacts of economically beneficial activities (such as agriculture and mining) on our water resources.

Water FAQs

What is Groundwater?

Underground water occurs in two zones, namely the unsaturated zone (where voids and pore spaces are partially filled with water) and the saturated zone (where all voids and pore spaces are filled with water). The saturated zone is referred to as groundwater

What is numerical groundwater modelling?

A model, in general, is a conceptual description of a physical system using mathematical equations, where real-world entities are described and simulated using mathematical equations. A numerical groundwater model is a model representing the hydrogeological environment at a site, using the governing groundwater flow equation.

How will a numerical groundwater model benefit my operations?

Numerical groundwater modelling is a tool to be incorporated into the overall decision making process and is a valuable tool for long term planning at a site. A groundwater model can be either a flow model, which simulates groundwater flow, or a contaminant transport model, which simulates contaminant migration at a site.

What is Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)?

Acid mine drainage (AMD), also referred to as acid rock drainage (ARD), is caused when water flows over or through sulphide-bearing rocks and metal-rich, acidic water is formed via chemical reactions between the water and rock. AMD is formed when pyrite (FeS2) is oxidised and forms sulphuric acid, which lowers the water pH to a point where metals, such as iron, are mobilised.

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